valerie fuller photography: Blog en-us (C) valerie fuller photography (valerie fuller photography) Tue, 04 Sep 2012 14:22:00 GMT Tue, 04 Sep 2012 14:22:00 GMT valerie fuller photography: Blog 120 103 A little photography adventure | Yellow Springs, OH Last weekend, I went to Cincinnati for a photography workshop with my friend Jody. Knowing that we only had a day and a half to hang out without our kiddos, we tried to pack in as much fun as we could.


We met at an orchard (Peifer Orchards) in Yellow Springs. It was so hot that day…I think it was 94 degrees and humid (you know, typical August in Ohio weather). One of my favorite things about our visit, aside from the acres of sunflowers right across the street, was their apple cider slushy. It was so crisp and refreshing and flavorful - it totally hit the spot! If you make the trip there during the late summer months, I highly recommend trying it.



The sunflowers across the street were amazing! I've never seen so many of them at once. Although, Jody said it reminded her of her recent trip to Italy (just one more reason to visit Italy!). 




Yummy sun flare! Sun flare in your photo is a matter of tasteI've found you either love it or hate it. I kinda like it, but I also think it depends on the mood you're trying to capture. :) 




We had to get pretty low to get some of the blue sky. It was somewhat overcast, but we could see a tiny bit of storm clouds building up as we were getting ready to leave.




Jody read somewhere that flower images are much more interesting if they have an insect milling about on them. We had no trouble at all capturing that because there were lots and lots of bees.



In fact, I even captured a bee in mid-flight! Truly a happy accident, because I don't think I could've done that on purpose even if I tried! hahaha!



And Jody turned my camera on me…because when you're the one with the camera, you're usually not in the pictures (I kinda like it that way though...and I may or may not have been sucking in my stomach-bwahaha!!).  :)




After our romp in the sunflower fields, we headed over to check out Clifton Mill/Gorge. It was like stepping back in time. At Christmas, they have it all lit up with beautiful white lights…I can only imagine how pretty it is.



This side trip was definitely a great start to our adventure…next stop: Hollywood Casino! We didn't get back to our room until 2:00 am! We didn't have much sleep before our 9 hour Folio-Love fest the next day…and the train that ran by our room at 4:00 am didn't help much either-hahaha!! We had a really good time!  :)


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Ashley | Marysville, Ohio Senior Photographer I'd like to introduce you to Ashley. She totally brought it to her senior session. Ashley is funny, warm, caring and she definitely has a soft spot in her heart for animals. She has the most amazing skin (it's like Snow White and I'm so envious). She's also a really good cook! 


Ashley, you are beautiful inside and out. I wish you nothing but the best...keep reaching for your dreams!  :)

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What to Wear - Senior Portrait Clothing Need some more ideas? Every month I post a What to Wear guide for the entire family. Feel free to search the blog labels for more outfits (or click the link to take you there straight away). Another good resource for fashion is stuff and you can create your own collections!


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Amy & Jeff's maternity session | Marysville maternity photographer Amy, Jeff and their 2 adorable little girls (Ellie and Maddie) drove almost 2 hours into town to do a maternity shoot with family friend, Jody Snyder, and I was fortunate enough to meet them all as a second shooter.  :)


Amy was pregnant with her third little princess (Ava) and was so excited about the session.  She came prepared with a variety of outfits and accessories.  We were also fortunate to have such a gorgeous day to run around town.  It was so nice to meet them!


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Back to blogging! Just thought I'd drop a note to let you know I am still alive! lol! I've still been doing photography sessions for fabulous clients, but then our son had to have surgery on his knee at the beginning of November and then my f-i-l had to have quadruple bypass heart surgery a week later. Then it was the holidays and winter break at school. 

Whew! During this time, I just didn't have time to blog all the client sneak peeks and sessions.

So I will be doing some serious catching up on the blog these next few days/weeks. BAM! Let's get it done! :)


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Joni & Brooke | Marysville Portrait Photographer I had a super quick mini session with Joni and Brooke so they could have pictures for Christmas. Luckily, that even with all the craziness of the holidays, plus our son's knee surgery, we were able to get together for a few pics! I even had my friend Jody join us with her lighting equipment because the only time we had open was at dusk.

Gorgeous girls!  And she loves her momma. :)

How cute did their Christmas card turn out? It looked so beautiful printed with pearl card stock.


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Haley | Senior and Family Session Since Haley and her family were coming from over an hour away, they arranged for 2 sessions to be done one right after the other. We created an awesome family session and Haley's senior session for this fun group.

Haley is so bright and has a great sense of adventure. She is wiser than her years, that's for sure.

Even Haley's bff got in a few pics.


Her family was a blast and we had a hard time managing all the laughing fits...


 ...especially during this photo.  :)


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Pam & Ted A dear friend of mine asked me to do her family's fall portraits. We were all thrilled to have awesome weather for the only day their schedule allowed for pictures. Yea for lucky breaks with the weather (it can be so unpredictable here sometimes)!! We did quite a few more black & whites for them...even though the colors of fall can be amazing, there's something about black & white images that are so classy and timeless.

They were so excited to try anything and even had ideas and locations of their own. So much fun!

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Katherine & Aaron's engagement session Katherine and Aaron were up for anything, making this engagement session so much fun! We found a couple of secluded locations for lots of privacy and some serious snuggling.  :)

Katherine is a photographer too, so even though it's totally different being on the other side of the camera, she was a natural and just enjoyed being with Aaron! So much love between them.

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Greve Family An adorable family + silly, beautiful young girls + a gorgeous, stylized setting. = amazingness!

How amazing is this session that Jody put together? Love her!  :)


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What to Wear Wondering “What to Wear” for your photo session in October?? Try this gorgeous combination of navy blue, taupe and brown, complemented by a hint of cream.


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Something wicked this way comes... We just had some wicked looking, but gorgeous, clouds roll in with a storm this afternoon. I love weather, clouds and storm watching (as long as I know I am relatively safe and out of harms way, that is).

I know I'm kind of a goof to begin with, but please tell me I'm not the only always watching the!

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What to Wear Need some inspiration for your Fall family pictures? Check out this month's “What to Wear”. Beautiful corals, pinks and browns are sure to make for some fabulous Fall photos!


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Sunrise Aahhh....another beautiful sunrise to greet the day.

Hope your day is filled with sunshine and adventure!

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What to Wear Here is another selection of outfit suggestions for your end of summer and back-to-school sessions. Totally taking the color cues from the little girl's shirt to coordinate everyone's outfits. I am loving the deep purple color...very rich. 

Contact me if you are interested in doing a back-to-school session for your kiddos! It would be fun to create an entire scene with school supplies, books and apples in front of your child's school.  :)

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Early to rise... It's back to school around here, which means no more sleeping in and enjoying our lazy mornings.  The bonus for getting up so early is the pretty sunrise I was able to enjoy.... know, in between letting the dog out, getting the boy up, letting the dog back in, getting the boy fed, dressed and ready for the bus.  :)


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Abbie & Sam A hot, hot summer day + watermelon + 2 cutie pie kiddos = summer fun!




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Daniel Family Reunion A dear friend of mine asked me to take pictures at her family reunion in July. It was a hot, hot, HOT morning, but they planned on having their reunion at a quiet little park that had some shade trees. Yay for trees that provided some cooling relief, as well as some shade from the harsh sunlight!




She opted for portraits before their planned family activities took place, so we had a set amount of time to get all the pictures done for around 20 people and 4-5 different family combinations.


Too bad the park didn't have any nearby swings to help pass the time for the little ones...but they were definitely troopers while waiting patiently between the various shots. There may or may not have been a tiny bit of bribing at the end. lol


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What to Wear It's the middle of summer and I think this What to Wear edition would look perfect for a beach photo shoot! What could be more sunshiney and beachy (yes, I am totally making up my own words now) than the bright yellows (sun), deep blues (ocean) and khaki (sand)?

If you're interested in doing a session at the beach, there are a couple of lakeside beaches nearby that we could hit up for a shoot. Contact me so we can make this happen for you!

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What to Wear It's the start of summer!!!  Let's celebrate with a collection of crisp and fresh looking colors. In addition to taking the color scheme from the little girl's dress and the pattern of the older girl's top, you could also take your color cues from nature. This one reminds me of watermelon....just perfect for summer!


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